About us



is an online gathering of
people reflecting the
beauty and diversity of Richmond,coming together to
build relationships by
sharing our stories,
exchanging ideas,
listening to each other,
learning from each other,
fostering goodwill and understanding


•Spotlight people, groups and businesses who are making a difference in our community by. We hope to inspire others by giving them information about where and how they might get involved.

•Support faith-based and non-profit organizations by providing: youth pastors blog, calendar of events and additional featured stories, pastors corner, content opportunity and ticketing service.

•Reach people by featuring special needs and special interest pages, offering free classified ads, coupons, and other various resources. For business owners we have made available the work

of Barbara Sher, a small business directory, and various marketing information. For Families we list fun activities, practical information,

and a network of support on and off line.

•Directories and guides to physicians, health care providers, churches, businesses, restaurants, libraries, schools and other local information.

•Welcome New People to the Richmond area by providing practical information, an opportunity to find their place, and to make Richmond their home.

•Encourage people to share their stories by contributing content, exchanging ideas, offering information and expressing opinions and concerns on the message board.